96 Sheet Billboard

96 Sheet Billboard

If you want to advertise your company, product or service on a 96 sheet billboard, we can organise this for you to get your brand seen by a large audience in a public location.

Large Outdoor Posters

Large Outdoor Posters

It is recommended that you speak to one of our experts before deciding on the billboard for you. We can offer you great advice and guidance to ensure you get the perfect advert.

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96 Sheet Billboard

Companies often advertise on a 96-sheet billboard when looking to promote their products.

These are the largest poster ads and they are usually placed by the side of motorways and other large open spaces.

If you have a big budget for marketing this might be something you would choose to showcase new products or events.

You can speak to our experts about setting up a large billboard ad campaign and we'll advise you on the costs for this.


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96 Sheet Poster Costs

The average costs of 96 sheet poster advertising is between £625 - £5,000 per site for a minimum 2 week campaign.

The cost of a 96-sheet poster can vary based on several factors, including location, design, printing, and installation. A 96-sheet poster is a large advertising format commonly seen on billboards and outdoor displays.

Here are some factors that can influence the cost:

  • Size: A 96-sheet poster typically measures 12.8 meters (40 feet) wide and 3.05 meters (10 feet) tall. Larger sizes will generally cost more.
  • Location: The cost of advertising space can vary significantly depending on the location. High-traffic areas or popular locations in cities will usually command higher prices.
  • Duration: The length of time the poster will be displayed affects the overall cost. Longer campaigns will naturally cost more than short-term ones.
  • Design: If you need assistance with designing the poster, you may need to hire a graphic designer or a creative agency. Design costs can vary depending on complexity and the expertise of the designer.
  • Printing: Printing a poster of this size requires specialised equipment. The quality of the printing and the material used will impact the cost.
  • Installation: Installing a 96-sheet poster can be a complex task and may require hiring professionals for the job.

You'll want to figure out who your main target audience is before you begin an advertisement system, this helps when choosing the suitable methods to develop your company.

It is our obligation to inform you of the correct platforms for marketing your company so we’ll be able to give more information on all the choices.

As we understand that you are looking for a boost in ROI, we are able to perform a top-quality media preparation service at very competitive costs. 

Choosing a budget needs to be done before you order adverts. Furthermore, you will have to study or discuss with us which type of advertising technique could be best for your products or services.

Our skilled team can provide you with further help and guidance if necessary. Feel free to speak to us via the enquiry form in case you have any questions about the costs of our billboard services.


In order to get the most out of outdoor marketing we think it's always best to produce creative promotional adverts.

Our inventive promo adverts closest to you are the ones that take hold of consumers' focus making them contemplate purchasing your products or services.

By designing an innovative ad you will get the audience thinking which can make them more interested in the advertisement itself, thus making it more probable that they will make an order.

Benefits of Outdoor Marketing 

Outdoor marketing, also known as out-of-home (OOH) advertising, refers to any form of advertising or promotion that takes place outdoors, targeting potential customers when they are outside their homes.

This type of marketing has several benefits:

Wide Reach

Outdoor marketing allows businesses to reach a large number of people.

By placing advertisements in high-traffic areas, such as busy streets, public transportation stations, or shopping centres, companies can expose their brand and message to a diverse audience of potential customers.

Increased Brand Visibility

Outdoor advertisements are visible 24/7, ensuring continuous exposure to potential customers.

They can capture the attention of people who are commuting, walking, or engaging in outdoor activities, creating brand awareness and recognition.

Targeted Location-Based Advertising

Outdoor advertising enables businesses to target specific geographical areas or demographics.

By strategically placing ads in locations where the target audience is likely to be present, companies can tailor their messages to reach the right people at the right time.

Extended Exposure

Unlike other forms of advertising that can be easily skipped or ignored, outdoor ads have the potential for extended exposure and getting a powerful message across. 

People often encounter them repeatedly during their daily routines, leading to increased brand recall and message retention.


Outdoor advertising can be a cost-effective marketing option compared to some other mediums.

While the upfront costs of production and placement may vary depending on the location and format, the wide reach and long lifespan of outdoor ads can offer a favourable return on investment.

Where are 96 Sheet Billboards Used?

96-sheet billboards are commonly used in various urban and suburban areas to deliver impactful advertising messages to a broad audience.

These billboards are large and highly visible, making them ideal for capturing the attention of passersby and motorists.

Here are some common locations where you can find 96-sheet billboards:

  • City Centres: 96-sheet billboards are frequently found in busy city centres and downtown areas, with high foot traffic and vehicular traffic.
  • Major Roads and Motorways: Billboards are often strategically placed along major roads and motorways, allowing advertisers to reach a wide audience of commuters and travellers.
  • Busy Intersections: Billboards positioned at busy intersections offer excellent visibility to both pedestrians and drivers waiting at traffic lights.
  • Transport Hubs: Airports, train stations, and bus stops often feature 96-sheet billboards, as they provide advertisers with an opportunity to reach a diverse and captive audience.
  • Commercial Districts: Areas with a high concentration of retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues are popular locations for billboards to target potential customers.
  • Sports Stadiums and Arenas: Billboards placed near sports venues can attract the attention of sports fans attending events.
  • Tourist Attractions: Locations with significant tourist footfall, such as popular landmarks, amusement parks, and tourist spots, are attractive options for billboard advertisers.
  • Outskirts of Cities: As people commute to and from work, billboards on the outskirts of cities can provide prolonged exposure to different audiences.
  • Universities and Colleges: Billboards on or near university campuses and colleges can help target a younger demographic.
  • Industrial Areas: Industrial zones with a significant workforce and commercial activities may have billboards to reach employees and visitors.
  • Entertainment Districts: Areas with a high concentration of theatres, cinemas, and nightlife venues can be prime locations for 96-sheet billboards.
  • Shopping Centres: Outdoor billboards placed near shopping centres can attract shoppers and promote various brands and products.

Large Poster Adverts Near Me

It is recommended to check out the standards of advertising companies as well as the costs of their work.

A multitude of campaigns are available, and we are able to help with the buying and planning of the various advertising types.

Whatever your financial budget and whatever you're advertising, we can locate the most suitable plan so you can increase your income.

It’s vital that you select a provider with a great reputation which will deliver the ideal solutions for your campaign. As a professional agency, we will work with you to create a unique and effective strategy.

For anybody who is unclear about the best ways to market your products, our media planners will help you select the correct adverts to order.

We'll help you create a business promotion strategy and we will purchase the ads for you. All the difficult work will be completed by our team, making it more simple for you.

You must identify your spending budget and exactly how you would like your company to be presented before choosing advertising services. You can explore the 96-sheet billboard advertisement solutions that we provide with one of our experts in more detail if you want to.

Simply fill in the short contact box to obtain some further advice and info on costs for what we provide you with.

Billboard Marketing Planners

An independent advertising production company is a business that performs solutions that will help you create and schedule an advertisement strategy to get your products seen by customers.

Examples of the advertisements that we can create and acquire can be seen across many public spaces including highways and busy shopping streets.

We take pride in establishing imaginative and effective adverts together with high-quality ideas for your large poster advertisements which will draw in the nearby target audience.

It is usually recommended to use local conventional marketing companies with great expertise across the market.

With lots of experience behind us, we're able to offer a service plan which satisfies your specific demands while bearing in mind your price range and brand.

Our professionals know how to find the best advertisement platforms to suit your specific niche, so this ensures you get the best value for money with your advertising campaign.

Outdoor Advertising Experts

You should think about your possible viewers' preferences and the way they think rather than just general demographics.

It is vital to capture attention with the large 96-sheet billboard and show the audience what you can offer right away.

To talk about the imaginative ads we're able to offer you with outdoor advertising, be sure to get in touch now via the contact form.

Independent media agencies will have the most beneficial information in regard to out-of-home advertising. We make use of a selection of companies to market different products and services.

Marketing strategies, both offline and internet based, should grow over time as opposed to running for a brief time.

Crucial analytics investigation will be performed by our specialists to understand new techniques and strategies to enhance our service through the 96-sheet posters.

To find the best benefits and return on investment, our experts strive for an immediate reaction which concentrates on the key customers straight away.

If you want more details on the top billboard advertisement services we offer in your surrounding area, you should fill out our enquiry box.

We will give more information and recommendations on suitable methods and strategies to begin promotions for your products.

What is a 96 Sheet Billboard?

A 96-sheet billboard in the UK refers to a specific type of outdoor advertising display commonly seen along major roads, motorways, and urban areas also known as outdoor advertising. 

It is named "96-sheet" because it measures approximately 20 feet high by 40 feet wide, offering a total display area of 960 square feet.

These billboards are often located in high-traffic areas and are designed to capture the attention of motorists and pedestrians.

They typically consist of a large, rectangular frame with an advertisement or promotional message displayed on a weather-resistant material, such as vinyl or mesh.

The size and prominent placement of 96-sheet billboards make them highly visible from a distance, allowing advertisers to reach a wide audience.

Advertisers use 96-sheet billboards to promote various products, services, events, or brands.

The large size and strategic placement of these billboards make them effective for creating brand awareness and delivering impactful messages to a broad audience.

They are commonly utilised by businesses, organisations, and advertisers as part of their marketing campaigns to generate public interest and increase visibility.

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What is the Difference Between 48 Sheet and 96 Sheet?

The difference between a 48-sheet and a 96-sheet refers to the size of the billboard, with each being a standard outdoor advertising format:

48-Sheet Billboard:

  • Dimensions: A 48-sheet billboard measures approximately 3.05 meters (10 feet) in height and 6.10 meters (20 feet) in width.
  • Total Area: The total display area of a 48-sheet billboard is about 18.59 square meters (200 square feet).
  • Visibility: 48-sheet billboards are smaller than 96-sheet billboards, but they still offer good visibility and are commonly used in urban areas, along roads, and near shopping centres.

96-Sheet Billboard:

  • Dimensions: A 96-sheet billboard is much larger, measuring approximately 3.05 meters (10 feet) in height and 12.80 meters (40 feet) in width.
  • Total Area: The total display area of a 96-sheet billboard is about 37.16 square meters (400 square feet), which is approximately double the size of a 48-sheet billboard.
  • Visibility: 96-sheet billboards are significantly larger and often placed in high-traffic areas, major roadways, and prominent city locations to maximise visibility and impact.

The choice between a 48-sheet and a 96-sheet billboard depends on various factors, including the budget, advertising goals, target audience, and available advertising space.

Larger billboards like the 96-sheet provide more space for creative visuals and messaging, making them ideal for high-impact brand campaigns. However, they may also come with a higher cost due to their size and premium locations.

Smaller billboards like the 48-sheet are still effective in delivering messages to a more localised audience or when budget constraints are a concern.

Ultimately, the decision should align with the overall advertising strategy and the specific requirements of the campaign.

Are there any Restrictions on the Content of 96-Sheet Billboards?

There are restrictions on the content of 96-sheet billboards, which may vary depending on the local regulations, advertising standards, and guidelines set by the authorities.

Typically, content should comply with decency, truthfulness, and legal requirements, avoiding offensive or misleading material.

Can Multiple Companies Advertise on the Same 96 Sheet Billboard?

It is common for multiple companies to advertise on the same 96-sheet billboard.

The billboard is divided into sections, called "faces," and each face can be leased by different advertisers, allowing for shared usage and cost efficiency.

How Long are 96-Sheet Billboard Campaigns Typically Tun?

The duration of a 96-sheet billboard campaign can vary depending on the advertising goals and budget of the company or organisation.

Campaigns can run for a few weeks to several months, depending on the desired impact and marketing strategy.

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As a major marketing and advertising business, we provide you with media preparation to improve your outdoor advertising campaign and ensure you can get good results.

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