Mobile Billboard Advertising

Mobile Billboard Advertising

This is a great way to promote products and services due to the wide audience it can reach by travelling across the UK.

Advertising Vans

Advertising Vans

There are a number of media designs that you can choose from. Th ad-vans can be a good option as they reach a large audience and create a bigger impact.

Ad Van Costs

Ad Van Costs

There are different factors that could determine the size of the advertising van. The main factor would be the design which you choose and the size.

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Mobile Billboard Advertising

Mobile billboard advertising is a great way to promote products and services because they can target a wide audience.

When searching for advertising production providers it is advisable to look at prices as well as value of services.

Our outdoor advertising agency can offer media design and media purchasing services by using a number of types of adverts to choose from.

Our experts will look through your budget and brand and look for a strategy to promote your products to get you the best beneficial ROI.

It’s necessary to look for a company with a good background that can supply the appropriate solutions for your business.

As a skilled mobile advertising company, we'll assist you to generate a completely unique and efficient marketing plan.

For anyone who is unclear around the top methods to advertise your business, our media planners will help you choose the right media to order.

Our media planners can buy the ads and develop a professional course of action. All of the hard work will be done by our staff, allowing it to be much simpler for you.

Simply let us know what you need your brand name to present and we will get the best method to promote your service or product while keeping inside of your specific spending budget.

If you are interested in outdoor advertising and the Ad Vans services which our specialists are able to offer, please fill out our enquiry form.

We can then respond to you with the most suitable Ad Vans information and details about what you have enquired about.


Types of Mobile Billboards

There are two main types of mobile billboard advertising:

  • Static Mobile Billboards: These are essentially large posters or banners mounted on the sides or backs of mobile billboard trucks or mobile advertising trailers. The vehicle moves through city streets or specific locations, allowing the message to be seen by people in different areas and multiple locations.
  • Digital Mobile Billboards: Digital advans use LED or digital display technology to showcase dynamic and changing content. They can display images, videos, animations, and even interactive content. Digital advertising vans are versatile and can be updated remotely, allowing advertisers to change their messages frequently.

How much does it Cost to Advertise on a Mobile Billboard?

The average cost to advertise on a mobile billboard is £400 - £5,000 per week.

The cost of advertising on a mobile billboard can vary widely based on several factors. Here are some key considerations that influence the pricing:

  • Location: The cost of advertising on a mobile billboard is often influenced by the geographical area or route covered. High-traffic areas, major cities, and popular routes may command higher prices.
  • Duration of Campaign: The length of time you want to run your mobile billboard campaign will affect the overall cost. Short-term advertising campaigns may cost more on a daily basis, while longer-term commitments might offer discounted rates.
  • Type of Mobile Billboard: Whether you choose a static billboard or a digital billboard can impact the cost. Digital billboards, with their dynamic and attention-grabbing capabilities, may be priced higher than static billboards.
  • Size and Quality of the Billboard: Larger and more visually appealing billboards may cost more. High-quality graphics, vibrant colors, and creative designs can contribute to a higher overall cost.
  • Frequency of Display Changes (for Digital Billboards): If you opt for a digital mobile billboard, the frequency with which you want to change the displayed content can affect the cost. More frequent updates may incur additional charges.
  • Provider and Market Demand: Different mobile billboard providers may have different pricing structures, and market demand can also influence costs. In highly competitive markets, prices may be higher.
  • Special Features and Interactivity (for Digital Billboards): If your campaign involves special features such as interactive content or advanced technology, it could impact the cost.

Benefits of Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboard advertising offers several advantages, including:

  • High Visibility: Mobile billboards are hard to ignore as they move through traffic or parked in busy areas, ensuring that the message reaches a broad audience.
  • Targeted Marketing: Advertisers can strategically plan routes to reach specific demographics or target locations where their target audience is likely to be present.
  • Flexibility: Advertisers can quickly change their message or creative content on digital mobile billboards, providing flexibility in their marketing strategy.
  • Cost-Effective: Compared to traditional billboard advertising, mobile billboards can be a cost-effective alternative, especially for short-term or geographically targeted campaigns.
  • Increased Engagement: Digital mobile billboards with interactive features can engage audiences more effectively, encouraging them to interact with the content in real-time.

Where are Mobile Billboards Used?

Mobile billboard advertising is often used for product launches, events, promotions, political campaigns, and other marketing initiatives where visibility and flexibility are crucial.

Advertising Van Near Me

You will need to consider your prospective audience's preferences and just how they think instead of just basic demographics.

It is crucial to capture attention and show the target audience what you could provide straight away.

We are able to provide you with more information on the imaginative mobile billboard advertising which we produce once we obtain your details; please fill out the contact form for more details.

The best impartial agencies should be totally skilled organisations who have expert understanding within the van advertising sector. We make use of a variety of marketers to advertise various products.

As we are professional offline marketers, we aim to provide the very best value for money and return on your investment.


Our van advertising planners and buyers work tirelessly to provide you the greatest results and top quality adverts.

Our business provides media ordering for TV and posters in addition to internet and social media ads.

Being a top rated Ad Vans advertising company, we provide media planning to boost your advertising and ensure you obtain great results.

Mobile Media

Our company is a completely independent media agency closest to you helping arrange and prepare AdVans adverts for organisations and services in numerous markets.

A number of the ads that we generate and buy include social media adverts, papers, posters, television advertisements, radio ads, online marketing and much more.

As local industry leaders, we are able to develop new promotional suggestions which are unique to the client's brand, create advertisements and schedule campaigns.

As a current market leader within the offline and internet marketing sector we think that van marketing campaigns do not run but they evolve.

We perform research on a daily basis to make certain that you receive the ideal solutions from our staff. For the best effects and ROI, we try to get an immediate reaction that concentrates on the main audience straight away.

Make sure you consult with one of our advertising on vans experts by filling out the enquiry form.

We will provide further information and advice on the right approaches and process to carry out promotions for your own company. Because we are an impartial offline advertising professional we can deliver fantastic return on investment from the adverts.

Remember that you can speak to a member of our team now by enquiring through our application form.

This is where you can ask any questions which you might have about our services and we can explain in more detail about AdVans and marketing campaigns.

Advertising on Vans Near Me

Choosing offline conventional Ad Vans specialists who have specialist knowledge and experience is usually recommended to receive the most cost effective result.

Since we have a lot of practical experience as a skilled marketing agency, we can direct you throughout the whole strategy and make sure you get the most beneficial mobile billboard van advertising and marketing campaign.

We will plan marketing and advertising on vans for your business and purchase advertisements from the right locations that will best fit your audience.

The cost of adverts can vary depending on several different things such as media types that you decide on and whether the campaign will be shown locally or across the country.

You should definitely find out who your main market is before you begin an advertisement system, this helps when choosing the best methods to market your brand.

Additionally, you will need to take into account what marketing strategies you wish to use when using van advertising for your products or services; if you are having a hard time deciding on the kind of adverts you would like to get, we could easily help by giving media scheduling solutions.

Using a well-designed mobile billboard marketing strategy, you will see an outstanding return on investment with regards to improved profits and more consumers having an interest in your business.

What is Mobile Billboard Advertising?

Mobile billboard advertising refers to the use of large, attention-grabbing displays that are mounted on vehicles to promote a brand, product, service, or message.

Unlike traditional billboards, which are stationary and located in fixed positions, mobile billboards are mobile and can travel through various routes, reaching different target audiences.

What are Ad Vans?

Ad Vans are a type of mobile advertising campaign which is displayed on a van.

It could be on the back or side of the vehicle.

They are really popular because it allows businesses to show their products or services to many people in the surrounding area, this is because the Van could be travelling all over the county or even just in an area which they want to target.

Choosing a budget has to be done before you order an AdVans advertisements.

You will additionally have to research or speak with us on which type of marketing method will be most appropriate for your goods and services.

We will gladly supply our specialist help and advice alongside more info for the different options you may choose between. Just fill in the contact box and one of our experts can get in touch right away.

To get the most out of conventional and online marketing we believe it is best to produce imaginative promotional van advertising campaigns.

These types of adverts tend to draw people in and have the most effective result for the corporation.

Through developing a creative ad you are getting the audience thinking which will make them more interested in the product, as a result making it much more likely for them to make an order.


Are Mobile Billboards Worth it?

The effectiveness and worth of mobile billboards depend on various factors, including your specific marketing goals, target audience, budget, and the nature of your product or service.

Is Digital Billboard Advertising Effective?

Digital billboard advertising can be highly effective for various reasons, but its impact depends on factors such as the campaign strategy, creative content, target audience, and overall marketing objectives.

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