Billboard Advert Sizes

Billboard Advert Sizes

We can provide billboards to advertise your company in a range of sizes from small bus shelter posters to large 96 sheet roadside adverts in many areas.

Billboard Ad Dimensions

Billboard Ad Dimensions

Whether you want a large eye catching billboard to catch lots of attention, or you want smaller posters in busy areas, we can create this for you.

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Billboard Advert Sizes

We offer a wide range of billboard advert sizes to suit your marketing campaign. These posters can be found on roadsides, bus stops, in shopping centres and many other public spaces.

They are generally used to promote products, companies and events to wide audiences in busy areas. We are able to organise billboards for your business to suit your budget and the reach you need.

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What Size are Billboards in the UK?

In the UK, the standard size for billboards can vary, but a common size for roadside billboards is 48 sheets. There are also other sizes such as 96 sheets and 6 sheets, 16 sheets and 32 sheets.

The specific dimensions can depend on the advertising company and the location of the billboard. Keep in mind that these sizes are general standards, and variations may exist.

What is the Size and Dimension of a Billboard?

The size and dimensions of a billboard will change depending on the type of billboard you choose. Below are the most popular billboard sizes:

  • 48 sheet billboards measure approximately 20 feet by 10 feet (6.096 meters by 3.048 meters)
  • 96 sheets measure approximately 40 feet by 10 feet (12.192 meters by 3.048 meters)
  • 6 sheets measure approximately 6 feet by 3 feet (1.828 meters by 0.914 meters)
  • 16 sheets measure approximately 10 feet by 6.67 feet (3.048 meters by 2.032 meters)
  • 32 sheets measure approximately 20 feet by 10 feet (6.096 meters by 3.048 meters)

Billboard Advertising Companies Near Me

It is advisable to evaluate the standards of advertising businesses as well as the prices they charge for their services. Our team can carry out media preparation and media buying services using a choice of ads to choose between.

Our experts will look through your budget and also your brand and find the best solution to market your services to acquire the most beneficial return on investment.

It’s necessary to look for a business with a decent track record that can supply the best services for your company. As industry specialists, we shall operate alongside our clients to locate the best method to market their company.

We have a group of professional media planners who will make it easier to find the right location for your marketing plan to get the perfect results. We will help you generate a business advertising and marketing system and we can purchase the ads to suit your needs.

Therefore all the difficult work is performed by our experts. Just let us know what you need your brand name to represent and we'll find the perfect solution to promote your service while remaining inside of your specific price range.

You'll be able to speak about the billboard advertising services which we offer with one of our experts in more detail if you wish.

Please fill in the contact box so we can respond with further information about the various options and how your corporation can be helped by media buying, generating return on investment.


Outdoor Marketing Strategies

We are an independent media agency helping to organise and plan advertising for organisations and services in a great many markets.

Some of the ads that we're able to develop and buy are different billboard advert sizes for public surrounding areas.

As industry leaders working closest to you, we are able to produce fresh promotional ideas which are unique to the customer's brand, design advertisements and organise promotions. 

It will always be advised to use billboard marketing companies that have lots of practical experience across the industry. As we have a great deal of expertise as a skilled media firm, we’ll guide you through the complete approach and make certain you have the most effective advertising campaign.

Our local experts know how to find the ideal advertisement strategies for your specific market, and this ensures you get the most value for money from your campaign.

Billboard Advertising Costs

The costs for these services will depend on what media strategies you want to use, along with the degree of reach you need the marketing to produce.

Different poster advert sizes also have an effect on the costs as larger billboards will be more expensive.

Make sure you figure out who your primary target market is before you begin an ad plan, this will help when deciding on the best media in promoting your company.

It's our obligation to advise you with the most suitable systems for advertising your business so we’ll be around to supply more information on all of the choices.

Since we know that you would like an increase in ROI, we are able to perform a top-quality media scheduling service at competitive prices.

You should have an initial price range in your mind so we can locate advert programs that will work most effectively for you personally.

Furthermore, you will have to explore or speak with us about which type of advertising method could be best for your products or services.

We're able to provide you with further information on the business ads available. In case you have any questions, remember to complete the enquiry box.


Inventive advertisements will be the best option; if you wish to see good results from offline billboards and internet-based advertising, they'll have to be inventive.

These types of adverts tend to interest people and have the very best outcome for your business. Creative ads make the market likely to get your services, as they are more interested when they view the offer.

Public Billboard Dimensions

The dimensions of outdoor billboards can vary, and the one you choose will really depend on your budget and the reach you want to achieve.

Large billboards are obviously more expensive but they can also capture more attention in busy areas. This is something to consider when looking to start one of these campaigns. Below are all of the billboard advert sizes that we can provide:

Billboard SizeWidth (mm)Height (mm)Width (inches)Height (inches)
4 Sheet Posters 1016 1524 40 60
6 Sheet Posters 1200 1800 47.24 70.87
12 Sheet Posters 3048 1524 120 60
16 Sheet Posters 2032 3048 80 120
32 Sheet Posters 4064 3048 160 120
48 Sheet Posters 6096 3048 240 120
64 Sheet Posters 8128 3048 320 120
96 Sheet Posters 12192 3048 480 120

Through thinking about consumer behaviour, you can get a better understanding of the way that they think and what may interest them.

It is crucial to grab interest and show the target audience what you can provide straight away.

We can supply you with more information on the innovative adverts we create once we get your details; please complete the contact box for further information.


Out-of-Home Advertising Near Me

As we are nearby industry experts in the marketing and advertising field with lots of experience, we consider our team to be a top agency in the United Kingdom.

We have worked with many other marketing agencies and we will make a unique billboard strategy for your advert. We are a top rated out of home advertising organisation which allows you to receive the best value for money.

Our specialists can accomplish the duties of buying and planning media solutions to create insightful and good quality advertisements.

Our advertising advisors can get a variety of different media styles in outdoor spaces. Being a first rate marketing organisation, we offer media planning to improve your campaign and make sure you obtain good results.

In general, marketing campaigns will advance as time passes when they are active. Crucial statistics investigation will be performed by our specialists to find out brand new techniques and strategies to enhance our services.

If you are looking for a top return on investment, you might want to have a look at our primary response ads.

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As a first-rate independent traditional marketing company, our key aim will be to provide you with an effective return on investment through these promotions.

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