Lorry Side Advertising

Lorry Side Advertising

This is a popular form of advertising due to trucks and lorries being very mobile and travelling across the UK, giving the business high exposure.

Truck Advertisement

Truck Advertisement

There can be a range of designs to choose from when picking your lorry advertisement. Our media planners are able to give you their advice and help you create the perfect mobile billboard.

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Lorry Side Advertising

Lorry side advertising is popular because a lot of lorries and trucks go all over the UK delivering goods and products, this means that a lot of people will be able to see the advertisement.

Which means that your product or service is getting shown to a wide audience and maximising the exposure.

It is important to get marketing professionals to create the advertising campaign as they will know what marketing will work best for each project.

When you're paying for a service like this, you will be expecting a unique advertisement which stands out and targets your audience to use your services.

If you choose a company which has not got the experience, they could create a campaign which does not work at all because they have targeted the wrong audience, e.g. your product might be based in a certain part of the UK but the truck they have with your truck side ad is driving around a different part.

These are all important things which need to be taken in to account before agreeing to using an out of home advertising agency.

When you're not sure on the best ways to advertise your organisation, our media planners are able to help you choose the most effective truck side ads to purchase. Our media planners can buy your advertisements and make up a plan of action. Therefore most of the hard work is completed by our experts.

We will suggest getting a price range in your mind and contemplating how you would like your business to be displayed before you begin to organise the advertising and marketing.

Our experts can give you additional information regarding the services that we carry out.

Be sure to fill out the contact form and we'll reply with more info on the different media types and just how your business can be helped by media buying, producing return on investment.


An impartial marketing development company is a business which carries out services that will help you produce and schedule an advertising technique to get your brand seen by customers.

As market leaders, we'll be here to develop new marketing ideas unique to the customer's brand, design ads and prepare campaigns for your surrounding areas. 

Would you like to get more details about lorry side advertising companies and how they can improve your businesses exposure? If so, then please fill out our application form and we will get back to you.

How much does Truck Side Advertising Cost?

The average cost of truck side advertising is £500 - £5,000 per month.

The cost of truck side advertisments can vary significantly based on several factors. These factors include the type of advertising, the size of the ad space, the duration of the campaign, the location, and the specific company or advertising platform used. Here are some key considerations that can influence the cost:

  • Type of Advertising:

    • Static Vinyl Decals: These are typically less expensive compared to digital or interactive displays.
    • Digital Displays: Interactive and dynamic displays may come with higher production and maintenance costs.
  • Size and Complexity:

    • Larger and more intricate designs may cost more.
    • High-quality graphics and detailed artwork can impact the overall cost.
  • Duration of Campaign:

    • Longer campaigns may offer discounted rates compared to short-term or one-time placements.
  • Geographic Location:

    • Advertising in high-traffic urban areas or specific regions may cost more than in rural areas.
  • Number of Trucks:

    • If you're running a campaign on a fleet of trucks, you may negotiate bulk pricing.
  • Ad Placement:

    • Premium locations on the truck, such as the truck sides or rear, may cost more than less prominent areas.
  • Ad Agency Fees:

    • If you're working with an advertising agency, they may charge fees for design, placement, and campaign management.
  • Maintenance and Removal:

    • Digital displays may require ongoing maintenance, and removal costs should be considered.
  • Seasonal Factors:

    • Rates may vary depending on the time of year and any seasonal demand for advertising.

Types of Truck Advertising

Truck advertising comes in various forms, catering to different objectives, budgets, and creative preferences. Here are several types of truck advertising:

  • Static Vinyl Decals: Traditional and cost-effective, static vinyl decals involve applying printed vinyl graphics directly onto the truck sides or rear of a truck. These decals can feature logos, product images, and contact information.

  • Full Truck Wraps: Full truck wraps cover the entire exterior surface of a truck with a large, custom-designed vinyl graphic. This provides a comprehensive and visually striking canvas for advertising.

  • Partial Truck Wraps: Partial wraps cover specific areas of the truck, such as the truck side, rear, or cab. They offer a balance between cost-effectiveness and impactful visibility.

  • Digital Displays: Trucks equipped with digital screens or LED panels allow for dynamic and interactive advertising. These displays can showcase rotating advertisements, videos, and other engaging content.

  • Promotional Magnets: Magnetic signs can be attached to the sides of trucks and removed as needed. This option is flexible and suitable for businesses that may not want a permanent advertisement on their vehicles.

  • Mobile Billboards: Some trucks are designed as purpose-built mobile billboards with large, flat surfaces for displaying advertising content. These mobile billboards are often towed or driven to specific locations for maximum exposure.

  • 3D Elements and Cutouts: Adding three-dimensional elements, glass trailers or cutouts to the truck's exterior can create a visually striking and memorable advertisement.

  • Rear Door Advertising: Advertising on the rear doors of trucks can be effective, especially in situations where the truck is frequently parked or stuck in traffic.

  • Interactive Augmented Reality (AR) Ads: Incorporating augmented reality elements into truck advertising allows for interactive and engaging experiences. Viewers can use their smartphones or devices to interact with the advertisement.

  • Custom Paint Jobs: While not a traditional advertising method, some companies opt for custom paint jobs on their trucks to promote their brand in a unique and visually appealing way.

  • Reflective Vinyl Graphics: Reflective materials can enhance visibility, especially during nighttime hours. Reflective vinyl graphics can be strategically placed for increased safety and visibility.

  • Fleet Branding: Maintaining consistent branding across an entire fleet of trucks creates a cohesive and recognisable image for a company.

Lorry Side Advertising Pros and Cons

Lorry side advertising, like any marketing strategy, comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Understanding these pros and cons can help businesses make informed decisions about whether lorry side advertising aligns with their goals and resources. Here's a breakdown of the pros and cons:

Pros of Lorry Side Advertising

  • High Visibility: Lorry side advertising offers high visibility as trucks travel through various locations, exposing the brand to a diverse audience.

  • Extended Reach: The mobile nature of trucks allows for extended reach, covering both urban and rural areas and reaching audiences that traditional static billboards may miss.

  • Cost-Effective: Compared to some traditional advertising methods, lorry advertising can be cost-effective, especially for businesses with a fleet of vehicles.

  • Creative Canvas: The large surface area of lorries provides a creative canvas for delivering visual impact and creating memorable advertisements that can leave a lasting impression on viewers.

  • Targeted Marketing: Advertisers can strategically choose routes and certain locations to target specific demographics, making it a flexible and targeted marketing strategy.

  • Local Impact: Particularly beneficial for local businesses, truck side ads reinforces the local presence of the business and enhances community engagement.

  • Mobile Billboards: Lorries essentially become mobile billboards, allowing for dynamic and engaging advertising that adapts to different environments.

  • Brand Recognition: Continuous exposure to a brand through lorry side advertising can contribute to increased brand recognition and recall.

Cons of Lorry Side Advertising

  • Limited Dwell Time: Viewers typically have limited time to engage with lorry side advertisements as the trucks pass by, which may reduce the impact compared to stationary ads.

  • Potential Clutter: In areas with numerous moving vehicles, there is a risk of visual clutter, making it challenging for an advertisement to stand out.

  • Weather Impact: Outdoor advertising, including lorry side advertising, is susceptible to weather conditions, potentially affecting visibility and the durability of ad materials.

  • Regulatory Challenges: Adherence to regulations regarding the size, placement, and content of truck advertisements may pose challenges and vary by location.

Truck Side Advertising Companies Near Me

When people are wanting to find truck side advertising companies, they might search for truck advertising or truck advertisement companies near me. This will then allow them to see which agencies are in their area.

As specialists, we work nationwide all over the UK, this has allowed us to work with many organisations who want to show off what their business does. It has also given us a lot of experience which we now take to each new project.

It is important to think about the standards of marketing and advertising agencies as well as the prices of their work.

A range of truck side ads are available, and we are here to assist with the buying and preparation of the different advertising platforms.

We can discuss your finances for this marketing campaign, to discover the best solution to advertise your products to acquire the very best ROI.

It’s important to look for a provider with a great reputation who will provide the correct services for your company.

As skilled marketing professionals, we will work together with you to create a unique and efficient truck side ad, delivering visual impact to potential customers.

It's always advised to use traditional marketing specialists that have plenty of practical experience throughout the market.

As we have a lot of practical experience as a specialist marketing agency we can guide you through the complete process and make certain you get the very best advertising campaign.

Our local team know how to find the professional advertisements and will be ready to perform transport media planning specifically for your business.

The pricing for these lorry side advertising services would depend on what media types you are planning to use, and the standard of reach you need the marketing to have.

Our outdoor advertising team understand that it is extremely important to make certain you know exactly who your audience is ahead of planning the ads.

It is our obligation to advise you on the correct platforms for marketing your business so we’ll be around to give more information on the many possibilities.

We'll take your price range into consideration while carrying out media preparation for the advertisements to ensure that you get the very best value for money increasing ROI with extra revenue.

How to Advertise on a Lorry

If you would like to know the steps involved with how you advertise on a nearby lorry, then please read the points below:

  1. Search and find specialist lorry side advertising companies and explain to them your product or service and what you are trying to achieve.
  2. The advertising agency should be able to create an marketing and advertising campaign which promotes your company and one which you like.
  3. They will discuss with you where the lorry advertising campaign will be shown and driven around.
  4. Pay the agency for their truck side advertisements and lorry side marketing services.
  5. Watch the fleet of lorries and trucks driving around with what you have asked for.


Truck Advertising

Truck advertising companies in the UK are big because of the amount of people who use the roads and the places which the trucks drive.

We suggest that before you choose the advertising agency that you are going to use, that you know what you are trying to achieve, your target audience and the budget which you have available.

If you are uncertain on the above, then speaking to advertisement companies could help you decide what the purpose is.

We can discuss the prices of the lorry side advertisements which we can offer and if some are not within your budget, we can offer alternative options for you which would also work well.

There is not fixed cost for advertisements because it depends on a variety of things, such as the area to promote in, the competitiveness and the size of the campaign you would like to have.

Ensure you have an initial budget in mind so that we can buy marketing programs that will perform best for you.

It’s additionally important to research the distinct media types and decide on which of them would be better for advertising your company.

Our skilled specialists are able to provide you with further information and assistance when necessary. These particular advertisements are most likely to attract people and also have the very best effect to your organisation.

Through producing cutting-edge truck side advertisements, you're getting the target market thinking and this will make them interested in the product, thus making it much more likely that they will enquire.

Audience action is equally as important as their demographic.

We believe that it is critical that your truck advertisement message is put across to prospective clients instantly.

The very best independent marketers and truck advertisment companies will likely be fully skilled businesses which have expert understanding in the marketing sector.

We work with a number of companies to market different products.

We are a top rated traditional marketing organisation which enables you to get the best return on investment.

Our marketing managers and purchasers work tirelessly to give you the greatest results and high quality campaigns. Advertisement companies carry out media ordering for TV and posters as well as online and social campaigns. Because of our experience, we are here to supply professional media planning services to get your product noticed by new clients. 

Please remember to enquire about advertisement services using our application form which is on our website. All you need to do is write in the details which it asks for sand then submit the form. This will be sent over to our experts who will then go through your enquiry and respond when they have decided the best option for yourself and your business.

What is Advertising on the Side of a Truck?

Advertising on the side of a truck, often referred to as "truck side advertising" or "lorry advertising" in the UK, involves placing advertisements on the exterior surfaces of commercial vehicles.

These truck side ads can take various forms, and the choice of design depends on the goals of the advertiser, the target audience, and the available budget.


Is Truck Advertising Effective?

Truck advertising can be effective, but its success depends on various factors, including the goals of the advertising campaign, the target audience, the design and placement of the ads, and the overall marketing strategy.

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Normally, lorry side advertising strategies tend to advance as time passes while they are active.

Significant statistics investigation will be completed by advertisement companies to uncover new methods and strategies to improve our services.

For the best results and return on investment, our experts strive for a primary reaction which is targeted on the main customers instantly.

If you would like to receive more information about this advertising service which we are able to provide, then please feel free to contact us through our enquiry form.


When you are filling in the form, it is a good idea to include as much information as you can, as this will help our team provide the most effective option and respond back to you with the details which you were looking for.

It is really appreciated that you have taken time to read our page about this service, which is why we like to get back to individuals as quickly and efficiently as we can, thank you!

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