Motorway Advertising

Motorway Advertising

Various companies across the UK can use motorway ads as a way of promoting their business.

Highway Ad Costs

Highway Ad Costs

The costs can vary when choosing to advertise by the motorway. The main factor which will alter the price is the size of the billboard.

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Motorway Advertising

We provide motorway advertising to promote various businesses around the UK.

The great thing about motorway billboards is that they can produce maximum exposure. The coverage of the ads means that more people will be more likely to buy the products or services.

Our team would be more than happy to offer you more information regarding the motorway advertising we set up for you; simply fill in the enquiry form presented on this page and we will be able to answer any questions or queries that you may have.


When you are seeking ad production providers you must look into prices and value of works.

All sorts of ads are available, and we're able to assist with the purchasing and designing of the various ad platforms.

Simply by reviewing your price range as well as what you need, we can easily create a terrific marketing strategy for various products and services. It’s extremely important to opt for a business with a decent track record who can provide the appropriate services for your brand.

Our local experts work together with people to market their corporations on a much bigger scale and achieve their goals.

Types of Motorway Adverts

There are several types of motorway advertisements designed to capture the attention of drivers and passengers. Here are some common types:

  • Static Billboards: Traditional static billboards are stationary displays featuring printed advertisements. They are often strategically positioned along motorways to maximize visibility.

  • Digital Billboards: These are electronic displays that can show dynamic, changing content. Digital billboards offer advertisers the flexibility to showcase multiple messages in rotation.

  • Overhead Gantry Signs: These are large signs suspended above the motorway, often used for important traffic information, directions, and occasionally for advertising.

  • Bridge Banners: Advertisements can be placed on bridges over the motorway, visible to traffic passing beneath.

  • Vehicle Wraps: Some motorway advertising involves wrapping vehicles in advertisements. This can include commercial vehicles or specially designed mobile advertising units.

  • Interactive Displays: With advancements in technology, interactive displays are becoming more common. These can include touchscreens, augmented reality, or other interactive elements that engage drivers and passengers.

  • Sponsorship of Rest Areas: Some advertisers choose to sponsor rest areas and service stations along motorways, where they can have their brand prominently displayed.

  • Roadside Installations: Artistic or promotional installations placed along the motorway can serve as a unique form of advertising, capturing attention through creativity.

  • Audio Advertising: In some cases, motorway advertising may include audio components, such as messages played on specific radio frequencies or through in-car entertainment systems.

Motorway Advertising Costs

The average cost of motorway advertising is £325 - £1,500 for a 2 week period.

The costs associated with motorway advertising can vary widely based on several factors, including location, size of the billboard, duration of the campaign, and the level of traffic on the specific motorway. Here are some factors to consider when estimating motorway advertising costs:

  • Location: High-traffic areas or popular motorways in urban centers typically have higher advertising costs.

  • Size and Type of Billboard: Larger and more prominent billboards usually come with higher costs. Digital billboards may also have different pricing structures compared to traditional static site billboards.

  • Duration of Campaign: The length of time you want your advertisement to be displayed can affect costs. Longer campaigns may offer discounts compared to shorter-term placements.

  • Demand and Availability: If there's high demand for advertising space on a particular motorway, prices may be higher. Similarly, if there's limited space available, costs may increase.

  • Design and Production Costs: In addition to the actual billboard space, you'll need to consider the costs associated with designing and producing the advertisement.

  • Local Regulations and Permits: Some regions may require permits for outdoor advertising, and the costs associated with obtaining these permits should be factored into the overall budget.

To get accurate pricing information, please get in touch with our advertising agency and we can provide you with details on rates, available options, and any additional costs associated with your advertising campaign.


We recommend that you talk us through which media strategies you believe would be best to showcase your services. We’ll gladly present our expert guidance in addition to more details for the different options you may decide on.

Should you have any queries, make sure you complete the enquiry box.

Inventive motorway advertisements are the most effective; in order to receive value from traditional ads, they will need to be creative.

We would consider your target audience demographics and psychographics to produce imaginative advertisements that draw them in. Innovative advertisements make the market likely to get your products, because they pay more attention when they see the ad.

What are the Benefits of Motorway Advertising?

Motorway advertising offers several benefits for businesses looking to promote their products, services, or brand awareness. Here are some key advantages:

  • High Visibility: Motorways and highways experience high traffic volumes, providing advertisers with an opportunity to reach a large and diverse audience. The visibility of motorway ads is especially significant due to the extended exposure to drivers and passengers.

  • Broad Audience Reach: Motorway advertising enables businesses to reach a broad range and varied audience, including local commuters, travelers, and individuals from different demographics.

  • Brand Awareness and Recall: The repetitive nature of motorway advertising contributes to increased brand awareness and recall. Regular exposure to a brand message helps imprint it in the minds of consumers.

  • Targeted Local Advertising: Businesses can target specific geographic areas or communities by strategically placing motorway ads. This can be particularly beneficial for local businesses looking to attract customers in nearby areas.

  • Impactful Visual Communication: Motorway billboards allow for visually impactful advertising. Large, attention-grabbing displays can convey messages effectively, even at high speeds, and create a memorable impression.

  • 24/7 Exposure: Motorway ads provide continuous exposure as they are visible 24/7, making them effective at all times of the day and night.

  • Flexibility and Innovation: With advancements in technology, advertisers can use innovative formats such as digital screens and interactive displays on motorways. This flexibility allows for creative and engaging advertising campaigns.

  • Complementary to Other Advertising Channels: Motorway advertising can be integrated into a broader marketing strategy, complementing other advertising channels such as television, radio, and digital marketing.

  • Cost-Effective Compared to Some Media: Depending on the location and format, motorway advertising can offer a cost-effective means of reaching a large audience, especially when compared to certain traditional media channels.

  • Promotion of Events and Special Offers: Motorway advertising is effective for promoting time-sensitive events, sales, or special offers, as it provides quick and widespread exposure to potential customers.

Advertising on the Side of Motorways Near Me

Advertising on the side of motorways and surrounding areas is a great way to market your company. 

We're trained to inform you of the most effective approaches to motorway marketing to get your business and products seen by new clients.

We'll deal with the whole process of buying marketing and implementing the strategy. This means all the difficult work is completed by us. We would encourage getting a price range in mind and planning on how you would like your business to be shown before you begin to plan the marketing.

We can provide much more information about the motorway ad services which we offer.

For anybody who is looking into more info concerning the different ads we could get and the preparation services we complete please ensure you fill in our contact form.

A completely independent marketing development agency is a business that provides services to help you generate and plan an advertisement technique to have your brand seen. We are experts in making imaginative and impressive adverts together with specialist ideas for promotions that will draw in your target market. 

Highway Ad Company

Hiring conventional highway ad agencies with expert experience is suggested to get the best return on investment.

With lots of experience behind us, we supply a service which fits your unique needs while keeping in mind your financial budget and business.

We will prepare advertising for your brand and buy ads through the most suitable places that will most satisfy your target audience. The prices for these services would depend on which media you are looking to make use of, as well as the level of reach you will need the marketing to produce.

Make sure you find out who your main target market is before beginning an advert plan, this helps when choosing the right methods to market your brand. It's our responsibility to inform you with the right platforms for promoting your business so we’ll be around to give further information regarding the many possibilities.

By having a well-designed marketing strategy, you will find an outstanding return on investment through more profits and more people showing an interest in your company. 

Highway Billboard Advertising Near Me

The best way to advertise on highway billboards is to think about your closest target audience. Customer action is just as important as their demographics.

The market need to understand your sales message when they view the advert. To talk about the imaginative marketing and advertising we provide, make sure you get in touch now through the contact form.

As nearby experts inside the marketing sector with plenty of experience, we consider our team to be the greatest independent advertisers in the UK.

We're offline advertising consultants who work with ad agencies to produce the most beneficial ads to market their goods and services. Since we are professional offline marketers, we strive to offer you the very best value for money and roi. We're able to help you with media buying and also media planning to generate wonderful ads that can bring in new business.


Since we're one of the top commercial marketing production corporations in the UK, we offer you extra expert services like media scheduling as a way to enhance your advertisement program and get better benefits from the advertisements which are made.

What is Motorway Advertising?

Motorway advertising refers to the practice of displaying advertisements along major highways or motorways. These advertisements are strategically placed to capture the attention of drivers and passengers travelling on the road.

Motorway advertising is a form of outdoor advertising that utilises large and often visually striking displays, such as billboards, digital screens, and other promotional materials, to convey different messages and promote products, services, or brands.


Can you Advertise on the Motorway?

The ability to advertise on a motorway depends on the motorway network local laws, regulations, and policies. In many countries, advertising on motorways is subject to specific rules and restrictions. Typically, these regulations are in place to ensure the safety of drivers and to prevent distractions that could lead to accidents.

Motorway advertising is frequently underestimated, yet it represents a widely embraced and expanding facet of billboard advertising. This form of outdoor advertising media is gaining popularity, attracting a diverse array of advertisers.

Is a Motorway Billboard a Type of Advertising Platform?

A motorway billboard is a type of advertising platform. Motorway billboards, also known as roadside billboards or highway billboards, are large displays typically placed along major highways or motorways.

These billboards serve as effective advertising platforms to capture the attention of drivers and passengers traveling on the road.

What do you Call the Ads on the Road?

Ads on the road, particularly those displayed along highways or motorways, are often referred to as "roadside advertising" or "outdoor advertising."

The specific type of ads you might encounter on the road includes billboards, posters, digital displays, and other forms of promotional content designed to capture the attention of people traveling by car or other modes of transportation.

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As we're a market innovator in the offline and internet based advertising field we feel that ads don't run however they evolve.

Examining analytics and data regularly allows us to improve the motorway advertising strategy to achieve the highest level of exposure, ROI and even more sales.

Our experts can create high impact adverts for direct response advertising which guarantees high-value clients top ROI.

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