Digital Billboards

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are a great way for businesses to advertise their business as they stand out to people passing.

LED Adverts

LED Adverts

A bigger impact will be made if your billboards stand out, which is why digital ads are a popular choice for many businesses.

Digital Ad Costs

Digital Ad Costs

The pricing for the digital ads can vary depending on the size and location of the add. Obviously if it is larger, in a busier location, the price will be higher.

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Digital Billboards

A popular advertising choice is digital billboards as these stand out to people passing by.

Our team know exactly how to market your products and services through electronic billboards, as we know the best locations and times to advertise.

You can purchase digital billboards in a number of different sizes to suit your specific needs and requirements. 

Our company is a completely independent media agency assisting to arrange and plan digital billboard advertising for businesses and products in many markets.

As market leaders, we'll be here to develop fresh marketing concepts which are unique for the client's brand awareness, develop ads and organise campaigns.

If you would like more information on digital billboards, please complete the enquiry form provided and we'll send you over more details and a free quotation.


How much does it Cost to Set Up a Digital Billboard?

The average cost of digital billboards in the UK is £1,000 per week.

However, digial billboards cost can vary widely based on several factors, including location, size, duration of the digital billboard advertising campaign, and the level of technology and features offered by the billboard. Here are some key factors that can influence the cost:

  • Location: The cost of digital billboards varies based on the location and the amount of traffic or views they receive. Prime locations in busy urban areas or along major roadways may command higher prices.

  • Size: Larger digital billboards generally cost more than smaller ones. The size of the billboard will impact its visibility and the potential audience reached.

  • Duration: The duration of the digital billboard advertising campaign also affects the cost. Short-term campaigns may have a higher cost per day compared to long-term commitments.

  • Technology and Features: Advanced features such as high-resolution displays, interactive capabilities, and the ability to change content dynamically can increase the cost of digital billboards.

  • Time of Day: Some digital billboards offer the option to display ads at specific times of the day. If you want your ad to appear during peak hours, it may come at a premium.

  • Market Demand: In highly competitive markets, the demand for digital billboard space can drive up prices. Conversely, in less competitive areas, prices may be more affordable.

  • Production Costs: In addition to the rental cost, you may need to consider the cost of creating and designing the digital content for the billboard.

How much do LED Billboards Cost?

The average cost of an LED billboard is £1,000 -  £15,000 per month. However, a number of different things can alter the LED billboard cost.

One of the biggest factors for outdoor LED screens is the location of ads. Busier surrounding areas will cost more to advertise on than quieter areas.

The size of the ad will also cause the costs to vary. Bigger ads generally cost more, because they get more conversion and take up more media space. 

Another thing you'll need to think about is the time of year you advertise and how long for.

Winter time generally costs more, because of Christmas. A lot of companies will want to advertise their products and services at this time of year, therefore the costs would be higher due to the competition.

The cycle of the ad campaign can also make the ads cheaper or more expensive. If the ad is only up for a short period of time, you'll find that the campaign will be quite cheap.

It is important to bring your spending plan into consideration before deciding on what company ads to pick for your services.

Furthermore you will need to study or discuss with us what sort of marketing method would be best for your products. We'll offer you more information regarding the business ads available.

Simply fill out the contact box and one of our team members can get in touch with you as quickly as possible.


In order to receive the best from conventional and online advertising we think it's always best to use innovative adverts.

These types of adverts are most likely to draw people in and give the very best result for your corporation.

Through designing an innovative ad you're getting your target market thinking and this will make them more interested in the product itself, as a result making it much more likely that they will make an order.

Types of Digital Billboards

Digital billboards come in various forms, each with its unique advantages. Here are some of the most prevalent types:

  • Traditional digital billboards: These serve as the foundation of Digital Out of Home infrastructure. They feature electronic displays showcasing captivating video or image advertisements and are commonly situated in bustling urban areas.

  • Interactive digital billboards: These billboards leverage sensors and advanced technology to enable audiences to interact with display advertisements in innovative ways. For instance, facial detectors can identify when a viewer gazes at a billboard, triggering a creative change.

  • 3D digital billboards: By combining multiple images of an object captured from different perspectives, these billboards create a captivating 3D effect, adding a dynamic dimension to digital displays. Advertisers can unleash their creativity, providing audiences with an immersive experience.

  • Custom digital billboards: Some digital billboards defy conventional formats, offering unique designs that stand out distinctly, capturing attention in a crowd.

What are the Advantages of Digital Billboards?

Digital billboards offer several advantages over traditional static billboards, making them an attractive choice for advertisers. Here are some key advantages of digital billboards:

  • Dynamic Content: Digital billboards can display multiple advertisements in a rotation, allowing advertisers to showcase different messages or promotions throughout the day. This flexibility is particularly useful for time-sensitive promotions or events.

  • Remote Content Management: Advertisers can remotely update and manage the content displayed on digital billboards. This can be done through an online platform, enabling quick changes to campaigns without the need for physical intervention at the billboard location.

  • Targeted Messaging: Digital billboards can be programmed to display specific messages based on factors such as time of day, weather conditions, or other variables. This allows advertisers to tailor their messages to the preferences and behaviors of the target audience.

  • Interactive Features: Some advanced digital billboards offer interactive features, allowing viewers to engage with the content. This may include touch-sensitive displays or integration with mobile devices for interactive experiences.

  • High-Quality Graphics and Video: Digital billboards typically have high-resolution displays, providing clear and vibrant graphics which are eye-catching. They can also play videos, making them more engaging than traditional static billboards.

  • Real-Time Updates: Advertisers can update content in real-time to reflect changing circumstances, promotions, or events. This can be particularly valuable for industries that experience frequent changes, such as retail or entertainment.

  • Cost-Effective Advertising: While the initial setup costs may be higher than traditional billboards, digital billboards can be cost-effective over time due to the ability to run multiple ads and update content without the need for printing and installation of new physical materials.

  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance: Many digital billboards are equipped with remote monitoring capabilities, allowing operators to monitor the status and performance of the displays. This facilitates prompt maintenance and troubleshooting when needed.

What’s the Difference Between Digital and Traditional Billboards?

The difference between digital and traditional billboards is that tarditional billboards exhibit fixed, printed ads, while digital billboards employ LED screens to showcase dynamic images or videos that can be changed periodically.

The primary advantage of digital billboards over their traditional counterparts lies in the capacity to remotely schedule and update content.

What does a Digital Billboard do?

A digital billboard is an electronic display that uses digital technology to showcase advertising messages, images, or videos to a targeted audience.

Unlike traditional static billboards, digital billboards can change their content dynamically, allowing for more versatility and creativity in advertising campaigns.

Digital billboards have become popular in the advertising industry due to their ability to capture attention, deliver dynamic content, and provide a modern and interactive advertising platform.

Backlit Mobile Billboards

Along with static electronic billboards, we also provide backlit mobile billboards to market your products.

These billboards are found on the side of vehicles like trucks and vans and are electronic. This means that maximum exposure can be achieved. Since the billboards offer illumination, people who see the ads shall be more drawn in.

Usually, promotional strategies tend to change over time while they're set up. Exploring statistics and information each day allows us to boost your method to gain the most publicity, return on investment and more income.

For top benefits and return on investment, our advisors try to get a direct response that focuses on the main customers straight away.

Please get in touch with one of our advisors by completing the enquiry box here.


Our media specialists can create the most effective strategy for the particular company and assist you in choosing the media system to make use of. As we're an unbiased offline advertising and marketing expert we're able to provide terrific roi from your marketing.

Digital Outdoor Advertising Near Me

If you're thinking about working with digital outdoor advertising professionals, you should take a look at what they provide as well as what the fees will be.

We perform media preparation and media purchasing services by using a choice of distinct adverts from which to choose.

Whatever your price range and whatever you are selling, we find the right system for you to boost sales. You'll find a selection of companies available which might provide advertising; it is best to make sure that you pick a trustworthy business to work with you if you're planning to get the greatest outcome.

Our nearby team help individuals to promote their organisations on a much bigger scale and achieve their own targets.

Our team are trained to inform you upon the very best strategies of media promotion to get your company and products found by new clients.

We'll deal with the entire process of getting marketing and setting up the system. All the difficult work shall be carried out by our specialists, so that it is much simpler for your business.

We'd encourage getting a spending budget in mind and planning on how you want your campaign to be displayed before starting to organise the digital billboard advertising.

Our experts can give you much more information about the solutions which we provide. For anyone who is thinking about advice about the diverse adverts we could buy as well as the preparation services we offer please make certain you complete our enquiry form.

Back Illuminated Digital Billboard

Hiring traditional advertising and marketing businesses with professional experience and knowledge in the back illuminated digital billboard industry is highly recommended to receive the most cost effective result.

Our electronic billboard advertising company has lots of experience inside the advertisement development industry and we are capable of working very closely with customers to ensure our services satisfy individual requirements to improve publicity and purchases.

We're able to plan digital advertisements to suit your business and get advertisements through the greatest places that will most fit your potential audience.

The pricing for these services would depend on which media types you are looking to make use of, and also the amount of outreach you'll need the advertising to have.

You'll want to identify who your primary market is before beginning an advertisement strategy, this will help when choosing the top digital billboards in promoting your company.

It's our obligation to inform you on the correct systems for advertising your company so we'll be around to give further information on all the possibilities.

We bring your spending budget into consideration when performing media preparation for your adverts to be certain you receive the very best value improving ROI with extra sales.

Best Billboard Campaigns Near Me

The best digital billboards will draw in your target market.

Target audience behaviour is equally as important as demographic. We think that it's important that your message is put across to prospective clients right away.

If you want to discuss inventive commercial advertising with our experts, make sure you use the contact box that is offered on this page and we'll respond to any queries which you may have.

Independent marketing companies will have the most beneficial information in relation to digital billboard advertising and marketing.

We work with a variety of companies to build up various services and products.

Because we're expert traditional advertisers, we try to offer the very best value and roi.

We can assist you with media purchasing in addition to media scheduling to produce wonderful campaigns which will attract new clients.

As we are amongst the top promotional marketing creation companies in the UK, we provide more solutions such as media planning so that you can strengthen your marketing and digital billboard advertising strategy and achieve greater results from the advertisements made.

What are Digital Billboards?

Digital billboards are a modern form of outdoor advertising that utilises electronic displays, such as LED billboards or LCD screens, to showcase dynamic and changing content.


What Size is a Digital Billboard?

The typical size for a digital billboard is 48-sheets, aligning with the dimensions of traditional billboards.

However, digital billboard specifications are commonly presented in pixels and are typically 864 x 432 pixels in a landscape format, but these specifications may vary depending on the media owner.

Can a Billboard be Digital?

Billboards can be digital, and these are commonly referred to as digital billboards or electronic billboards.

Unlike traditional static billboards that use printed images or text, digital billboard advertising uses electronic displays to showcase dynamic content such as images, videos, and animations.

Do Digital Billboards make Money?

Digital billboards can be a lucrative source of revenue for advertisers and billboard operators. The revenue generation comes from advertisers who pay to display their content on these digital displays.

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